Who we are
Global Link Afrika (GLA) is a Community Development Christian Missions agency which aims at bringing transformations in the lives of individuals and communities through Mission Training and Community Development programmes.
Transformation of communities
Ours is a holistic approach to missions causing transformation in the lives of individuals but also in their communities. Our programmes are designed in a 3E cycle with each programme giving opportunity for Exposure, Exploring and Engaging in holistic community engagements (mission) to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Non-denominational stand
Global Link Afrika (GLA) is a non-denominational Christian mission agency. This means that GLA is not founded by any church or denomination but shall partner with any evangelical local church, organizations and Institutions to realize the great Commission of Jesus Christ and to fulfill her aims and objectives.
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Word of Truth

February 10, 2015

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” 1 Tim 4:15

At the heart of Paul’s encouragement to Timothy in this verse are two critical issues that the Church in Uganda and probably the world over needs to grapple with. These two issues are Personal Integrity In The Sight Of God, and Integrity In Handling Of The Word Of Truth.

It is God’s desire that His children who represent Him in the world ought to live in such a manner as to bring Him honour and glory. This we do by demonstrating God’s attributes to the world, in other words our lives should match up to our beliefs and teachings.

This means that our moral standing must be of the highest standard because we know that the one we represent is one who is pure as pure light. The Scripture declares that “…in Him there is no darkness…” This means that in our choices daily we ought to choose to honour Him in our use of time, in our relationships, in the use of our money, in our money making adventures, in our ministry and service to Him! It is also our mandate to work hard not only to understand God’s Word but also to teach it and apply it correctly and faithfully.

Paul charges Timothy to correctly handle the word of truth. Today we see God’s word twisted and used to justify abuse, greed and deception. It is important that God’s people seek to study and understand God’s word. That we seek to apply it faithfully to our life situations if indeed we recognise God’s word as the ultimate authority for our beliefs and practice.

This however requires that we have the necessary knowledge and skill to fully appropriate the treasure that is God’s Word! We ought to invest in learning how to learn from God’s word.

I am convinced living as one approved, not needing to be ashamed is highly dependent upon how deeply we are immersed in God’s truth. It should be the goal of every believer to be deeply rooted in the truth of God! It is with this recognition that our efforts to teach people God’s word, how to study it and how to teach it should never be diminished.

Samuel Opolot